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Online Coaching

Virtual training with Tilly ~ ideal if you live further afield

Have you been struggling to find a trainer you resonate with locally? Limited by transportation?

Then online training/coaching will be perfect for you. 

Whether you're bringing a new puppy or adult dog into your home, struggling with something in particular, or just want a helping hand in improving your overall life with your dog, I am here to help.

1-2-1 Training Package

A bespoke package entirely tailored to your needs & learning style. Training sessions can be divided & spread over a timeline that suits you, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Written summary reports after each session.

Continued support between sessions on your journey via WhatsApp.

Monthly Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls with fellow dog parents working through your struggles together. 

An individual 1-2-1 session each month to focus on you. 

Access to a private online support group.

Advice Calls

Do you have a one-off question that needs a more in-depth answer? Could you benefit from time & space solely dedicated to you to talk about you & your dog? Or would you just like an opportunity to chat in a bit more detail about what training plan might suit your journey best? 

Calls can be voice or video & made via Phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

1-2-1 Virtual: About
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