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B-o-A, Trowbridge & surrounding areas.

10% discount if you book monthly blocks.

£10 per walk for video updates & emailed reports of their progress after each visit.

All training walks will just be me & your dog in an environment that is suitable for them. 

I won't force your dog into a situation that they aren't comfortable in & I will always advocate for their space & well-being. 

If you have particular areas of training that you are focusing on or even struggling with then I will make this my priority during our walks.

Alternatively, if you haven't got anything specific to work on I can provide a well-structured walk with a balance of mental stimulation & physical exercise.

If it is unsuitable for your dog to go out for a walk then I can provide them with plenty of appropriate stimulation at home. 

Every walk will be completely unique & tailored to your dogs needs.

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