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Previously dog parent to a Romanian mongrel, & currently a dog mum to a 2-year Border Collie, Tilly is well versed in the trials & tribulations of rehoming a dog as well as raising an intense, high-energy working breed. Her own personal journey with her dogs opened up the world of dog training to her & inspired her to found TKDogTraining to share her knowledge & understanding with others whilst fostering a supportive community of like-minded dog owners.

Her passion lies in helping support other dog parents, like you, through your own unique journey to help you create the best relationship possible with your dog no matter your dog's age or life story.

She believes that you deserve to enjoy the company of your dog whether at home or out in public & she aims to make the dog training world more accessible & understandable for you as she knows from her own training journey how overwhelming it can feel.

Her holistic approach to dog training stems from her own approach to life & she feels is the most effective way of making long-term change & improvement.

When Tilly's not having fun with her two dogs she loves to grow her own veg, curl up with a great book or whip up her own eco-products & vegan cakes.

Who?: Who is Tilly
Who?: What is a holistic approach
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